Jungle Noise - The Monsters (Switzerland)

Label:Voodoo Rhythm Records
Highlights:Psychout With Me
Rock Around The Tombstone
Sheís My Witch
Skeleton Stomp

Rating: 6/10

The Monsters play ultra primitive garage/swamp/blues trash that brings to mind such bands as The Monks, Sonics, Cramps and even Screaming Jay Hawkins. Perhaps itís the cool cover artwork or such song titles as Rock Around The Tombstone and Skeleton Stomp but the Monsters are best described as sounding like Zombies that have just crawled out of some New Orleans graveyard and formed a band. Monster rock indeed. Jungle Noise, the bandís first CD, is a compilation of previous vinyl releases rather than an album as such. I have to say that over 19 songs I find this style of music becomes too much to take. As big a fan I am of garage styled music, this is just too fucked up and primitive for my tastes and I find it hard to hold my interest any longer than several songs.

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